Quadrise Fuels International Joint Development Agreement with Vertoro

Quadrise (AIM:QFI), the supplier of MSAR® and bioMSARâ„¢ emulsion technology and fuels is pleased to announce the entry of a Joint Development Agreement ("JDA") with lignin biofuel specialists, Vertoro BV ("Vertoro").

Vertoro is the supplier of sustainable biomass-based biofuels extracted from abundant agricultural and forestry residues using their proprietary Goldilocks® technology. GEM® is a crude lignin oil that's a potential alternative to methanol and is being developed in conjunction with Maersk and CSOâ„¢ is an advanced crude sugar oil that's a water soluble by-product of the Goldilocks® process.  The total market for these lignin residues today is estimated to be around 200 billion tonnes per annum.

Under the JDA, the Company and Vertoro will collaborate in seeking to progress the use of Vertoro's CSO™ as a potential cost-effective supplement or alternative to glycerine in Quadrise's bioMSAR™ fuel. The JDA may also present opportunities for the Company to supply MSAR® blending technology at Vertoro's CSO™ plants or biorefineries under future agreements with Vertoro or Vertoro's partners.

Quadrise has successfully produced stable blends of CSOâ„¢ based bioMSARâ„¢ emulsions at laboratory scale at the Quadrise Research Facility, with diesel engine tests now being jointly planned during the next 12 months. These tests will scale up and accelerate the potential supply of low cost CSOâ„¢ bioMSARâ„¢ for the marine sector. The parties have filed a joint patent for CSOâ„¢ based bioMSARâ„¢. 


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