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  • Driving centrifugal compressor technology

    We know you're no stranger to pressure. Budget pressure. Time pressure. Performance pressure. Pressure challenges us, but it also pushes us to be better. At Atlas Copco Gas and Process, the pressures you face are what drive us to develop turbomachinery that assures reliability, improves efficiency and reduces cost. To us, pressure is innovation in progress. Over the past few decades, Atlas Copco Gas and Process has built close relationships with customers around the globe. ...

  • How turbomachinery can support decarbonization

    With the hydrocarbon processing industry’s efforts to decarbonize, hydrogen and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) have further moved into focus as viable alternatives for transforming existing energy markets. Both hydrogen and CO2 provide ample opportunities to be used in hydrocarbon processes either in molecular form or as feedstock. At the same time, the unique physical properties of both hydrogen and CO2 can make them a challenge for process equipment such as ...