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For over 40 years Atlas Copco Gas and Process has custom-engineered integrally geared and inline centrifugal compressors and turboexpanders for the various challenging processes found in downstream (Chem/Petrochem and refinery) applications. With production facilities in Germany, North America, India, China and Korea, we are close to our customers worldwide.

Unnecessary downtime and equipment repairs make it difficult to keep productivity high and OPEX low. This is especially true of the hazardous conditions and complex, process-critical machinery found in these facilities. Towards this goal, Atlas Copco Gas and Process offers machines that feature 99% reliability and availability, keeping your process running.

Flexible process requirements require turbomachinery designed to handle the pressure. We custom engineer each unit to meet API 617, 672, 610, as well as any other customer-specified requirements. We offer many different options for the downstream market, including:

- PSA tail gas compressors
- Refrigeration compressors
- Regeneration compressors
- Acid gas compressors
- Heat pump compressors
- Magnetic and oil-bearing process turboexpanders
- Expander generators for pressure letdown and energy recovery

Vast Experience and Customer Support
Our turbomachinery experts will work with you from your first inquiry through the delivery and commission of your equipment. Every step of the way we will ensure the products being designed are a perfect match for your process goals.

Our applied knowledge in centrifugal technology has led Atlas Copco Gas and Process to engineer rotating equipment that can lower your initial CAPEX costs, as well as lower your OPEX figures throughout the lifecycle of the machinery. This comes from smart packaging and robust design using high quality suppliers of internal components. In many cases an Atlas Copco compressor has extended maintenance intervals compared to competing compression technologies.

When things go wrong, we are here for you 24/7. Our internationally recognized Aftermarket services team can be deployed anywhere in the world to reduce your downtime. The Aftermarket team is also ready to help you with scheduled maintenance and equipment upgrades.