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At Shell Catalysts & Technologies, we are supporting Shell as it strives to become a net-zero emissions energy business. We are also establishing a strong track record in helping other energy businesses to address their own energy transition and performance challenges. We exist to enable industry to provide more and cleaner energy solutions for today and the future.

Are you...
- Seeking or evaluating technologies to decarbonise your business, but needing insights into the rapidly evolving technology landscape?

- Under pressure to adapt your business for the energy transition, but lacking insights into the long-term policy, technology and societal changes that are in play?

- Implementing margin improvement projects, but finding that individual point solutions fall short of delivering the promised targets?

Shell, as an owner—operator, faces the same challenges and is making investments that will help to create the energy system of the future, while Shell Catalysts & Technologies exists to provide tools, technologies and insights to help energy companies thrive through the energy transition.

A new energy system is emerging that will feature more solar power, wind farms, biofuels and electric vehicles. It will unfold over decades at different paces in different places, and it may require new, game‑changing technologies, business models and modes of collaboration. For energy company executives, identifying ways to adapt or reposition their businesses is likely to be among the most profound strategic issues they will face.

Meanwhile, conventional challenges not only remain — they also are intensifying. For example, for many energy companies, it is strategically imperative that they take steps to:
-    Reduce feedstock and operating costs;
-    Produce higher-value products;
-    Enhance safety performance; and
-    Comply with ever-tighter environmental regulations.

For decades, we have been developing game-changing technological innovations to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges. Now, we have, or are developing, an ever-growing portfolio of differentiated solutions that offer attractive decarbonisation opportunities. Crucially, we combine those solutions to create integrated, end-to-end solutions. Point solutions are not likely to get you to where you need to be. Our ability to bring people and technologies together, to leverage decarbonisation experience and expertise from across Shell, and to see the bigger picture are key to our ability to help you achieve your energy transition related strategic vision.

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