Number: 16


  • May 2024 Issue

    May 2024 Issue


    European refiners need to shift from volume to value ... Technology pathways for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) ... Towards net zero with synthetic fuel gasoline ... Low-carbon hydrogen potential with autothermal reforming ... Integrating CCS and synthetic fuels production in a refinery ... Pre-combustion carbon capture ... Could carbon capture be the key to decarbonising heavy industry? ... Recycled aluminium: a key enabler in the energy transition ... Decoding the complexities of decarbonisation ... Electrification as a pathway towards a green refinery ... Life cycle assessment at industrial scale ... Overcoming grid constraints via energy management solutions ... Zeopore is making its mark in green applications through zeolite modification.

  • February 2024 Issue

    February 2024 Issue


    Sustainable solutions with industrial clusters: Part 1 ... Minimise emissions with control and monitoring solutions ... Ultrapure water for electrolysis ... The challenges of transitioning to green hydrogen ... Strategies to maximise profitability in HVO complexes ... Decarbonising the aviation industry ... Producing synthetic fuels from renewable feeds ... A path to net-zero emissions for the oil and gas industry ... Primary data sharing for supply chain decarbonisation ... Addressing the energy trilemma through advanced gasification ... Unlocking high-pressure ammonia.

  • ERTC 2023 Newspaper

    ERTC 2023 Newspaper


    CCS and hydrogen for decarbonisation ... Reduce, reuse, and repurpose: Minor changes for major results ... Predictive model for maximum feedstock flexibility ... maintenance and calibration intervals with accurate instruments and analysis systems ... Thoughts about leadership in the energy transition times ... ReNewFine for renewable diesel and SAF: Results of a 20-year partnership in 100% HVO ... Transforming a refinery unit into a key component of end-of-life plastic circularity ... REFuelEU has set the rules for SAF in the EU:Refineries now need a game plan for success ... Which future? Using scenario analysis to explore national pathways to decarbonisation ... Balancing act of managing a refinery: New technology vs increasing revenue. Conversion to a green refinery configuration: Assessing options, risks, and viability ... Recycling PVC production byproducts can unlock financial and environmental savings ... Precious metal catalyst sampling: Not a trivial pursuit ... Reducing environmental impact of FCCs with wet gas scrubbers by using SOx additives.

  • Refining India 2023 Newspaper

    Refining India 2023 Newspaper


    Guiding the crude-to-chemicals complex towards a net-zero future ... Nuclear gauges and alternative level technologies in critical refinery applications Applications ... How to keep your risk-based inspection program functioning efficiently ... Benefits of spiral and welded plate heat exchangers ... Enhancing environmental sustainability in the oil and gas industry: the REE concept ... Hybrid loading of regenerated and fresh catalyst for a lower carbon footprint ... Novel reactor for three-phase hydroprocessing applications ... Transforming hydrogen production for a greener future with water electrolysis ... K Model: The future of blending ... Increasing chemicals by integrating refinery with petrochemicals ... Used lubricating oil in India: treasure or trash? ... Enhancing profitability using high-efficiency heat exchangers ... Cost-driven natural gas vs hydrogen power for generators ... CO₂-derived bio-based polycarbonate: A route towards sustainability.

  • November 2023 Issue

    November 2023 Issue


    Decarbonisation of transport fuels to reduce emissions ... Reducing GHG emissions from international shipping ... Hydrogen economy Part 2: Converting strategy into reality ... Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley ... Hydrogen through methane pyrolysis ... Technological challenges facing the current carbon market ... Paving the way to low-carbon propylene from the FCC unit ... Circular economy strategies for petrochemical sustainability ... Heat trace solutions for the energy transition ... Carbon storage in concrete through accelerated carbonation ... Fuelling the decarbonisation of international shipping ... Flue gas analyser identifies leaking burner during normal operation .... Supporting high-temperature mission-critical applications in the energy transition.

  • August 2023 Issue

    August 2023 Issue


    Geothermal solutions for net zero in industry ... How the UK government is supporting cleantech innovation ... Hydrogen economy Part 1: Supply, demand, reliability and safety ... Opportunities for decarbonising existing hydrogen production ... Using existing assets to advance your CO2 journey ... Breaking boundaries to decarbonise plant emissions ... A bio-based solution for producing renewable ethylene ... Metal-organic frameworks for carbon capture ... Unlocking the full potential of UK carbon capture and storage ... Industrial clustering and avoiding anti-trust issues ... Solutions for long-duration energy storage.

  • May 2023 Issue

    May 2023 Issue


    Decarbonisation and sustainability value chains ... Safety, risks, and hazards of hydrogen ... Feedstocks and utilities for green hydrogen and e-fuels ... Biofuels syncrude pathway for producing SAF from waste ... Comparison of payout for renewable diesel and SAF ... Journey toward decarbonisation of the shipping industry ... Conversion of CO2 to methanol ... Cleaner alternatives to heavy fuel oil ... Carbon utilisation to accelerate the transition to net zero.

  • February 2023 Issue

    February 2023 Issue


    Refining - what is the path of future growth? ... Advanced plastics recycling ... Raffinerie Heide: a refinery reinvents itself ... Insights from Shell Rheinland's transition to net zero ... Advances in carbon capture and hydrogen technologies ... The techno-economic metrics of carbon utilisation - Part 2 ... Decarbonisation with CO2 utilisation: review of the GtL route ... Mineralisation to capture and use CO2 from steam methane reforming ... Innovative technological paths for carbon dioxide capture ... Take-off for cleaner skies starts now with SAF ... Stability and durability of water electrolysers ... Decarbonisation of industrial process heating - electric heaters.