Number: 9


  • February 2023 Issue

    February 2023 Issue


    Refining - what is the path of future growth? ... Advanced plastics recycling ... Raffinerie Heide: a refinery reinvents itself ... Insights from Shell Rheinland's transition to net zero ... Advances in carbon capture and hydrogen technologies ... The techno-economic metrics of carbon utilisation - Part 2 ... Decarbonisation with CO2 utilisation: review of the GtL route ... Mineralisation to capture and use CO2 from steam methane reforming ... Innovative technological paths for carbon dioxide capture ... Take-off for cleaner skies starts now with SAF ... Stability and durability of water electrolysers ... Decarbonisation of industrial process heating - electric heaters.

  • 2022 ERTC Newspaper

    2022 ERTC Newspaper


    Where does future growth lie? ... Refiners weighing opportunities for circular polymer production ... What about a CBAM for the refining industry? ... Sustainable energy management is becoming increasingly important for refineries ... Take-off for cleaner skies starts now with SAF ... Pivoting to chemicals while decarbonising today ... An FCC sustainability game changer ... Insights from Shell Rheinland's transition to net zero ... Precious metals: managing the markets in a changing world ... Facilitating adoption of carbon capture on FCC flue gas ... Hydroprocessing catalysts sulphiding with DMDS: Carelflex® Connect brings more than IIoT ... Sustainable aviation fuel: prepare for take-off! ... Environmental and economical benefits of improving amine unit operations ... Using reactivated hydroprocessing catalysts in TGTUs for financial and sustainability rewards ... Decarbonising liquid fuels with BioFlux Technologies ... Repsol uses Control Tower solution to manage its integrated business value chain ... Mesoporous zeolites deliver catalytic benefits.

  • November 2022 Issue

    November 2022 Issue


    RefuelEU regulation will drive demand for SAF in Europe ... If hydrogen is the answer to energy security, let's talk carbon, not colour ... Why blue hydrogen provides a de-risked decarbonisation lever ... Carbon capture, utilisation and storage in the energy transition ... Near- and long-term options for decarbonising steel production ... The heat-pump way to more sustainability ... Creating value from wastes to help achieve net zero ... Conversion to a green refinery ... Roadmap to decarbonisation ... Artificial intelligence drives the way to net zero ... Process gas analyser for measuring hydrogen concentration ... Decarbonising fired process heaters with zero-emission electric heat.

  • 2022 Refining India Newspaper

    2022 Refining India Newspaper


    Meeting the Indian demand for petrochemicals ... Indigenous technologies pave the way for crude oil-to-chemicals transition ... Three steps to optimise fractionator performance with plate technology ... DWC technology for improved separation and reduced CO2 emissions ... Precious metals: managing the markets in a changing world ... Digitalisation on cloud ... Recovery of ammonia from sour gases and conversion to valuable products ... Digital transformation of component repair boosts compressor uptime ... Efficient and cost-effective amine purification process ... Catalyst technologies for enhancing profitability in the energy transition ... SprayMax FCC feed injection nozzles ... Advancing industries through materials technology ... Development and commercialisation of superabsorbent polymer technology ... Smarter and safer sulphur for refinery & petrochemical plants with SULSAFE ... Comprehensive energy efficiency improvement and benchmarking studies.

  • August 2022 Issue

    August 2022 Issue


    Best practices in decarbonisation for LNG export facilities ... HyNet: a case study on industrial symbiosis ... Teesside: the heartland of the UK's energy transition ... Maximise renewable resources with thermal energy storage ... Decarbonising through advances in heat exchange technology ... Techno-economic metrics of carbon utilisation - Part 1 ... Biomass, BECCS and electrolysis for climate-neutral liquid fuels ... Energy transition technology scenarios ... Co-processing of bio-based feedstocks in the FCC unit ... Power-to-X integration, the methanol case ... LOHC: H2 delivery pathway for emerging hydrogen market ... Choosing the ideal CO2 drying solution for CCS applications ... Electric process heating - a call for standard specifications ... Holistic renewables investment is key to achieving net zero.

  • May 2022 Issue

    May 2022 Issue


    What is your Decarbonisation SCORE? ... CORALIS: industrial symbiosis in energy-intensive industries ... Decarbonisation transformation of Shell's Pernis refinery ... Value of investment, partnerships and policy in growing CCS market ... Delivering the Global Methane Pledge ... Hydrogen pathways for a clean energy future ... Distributed hydrogen hubs ... Economic viability of biomass to liquid via Fisher-Tropsch ... All roads leading to sustainable aviation fuel ... Carbon capture application to ethylene plants ... Flue gas analysers for safe combustion of high hydrogen fuels ... Repurposing existing process units to reduce CO2 emissions ... Fuel gas hydrocarbon recovery as carbon abatement strategy ... Geothermal sulphur removal ... Decarbonisation Through Innovation.

  • February 2022 Issue

    February 2022 Issue


    Resilience in the transition to low (zero) emissions vehicles ... Progressing decarbonisation discussions at the IMO ... Green hydrogen to boost a sustainable economy in India ... Digitally enabled decarbonisation ... Renewable energy transition: challenges and opportunities ... Energy efficiency: the first step towards decarbonisation ... Recovering CO2 and H2S from waste streams ... Realisation of a carbon negative combustor for gas turbines ... Addressing Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction targets ... Safe oxygen production for Giga-scale hydrogen generation ... Decarbonising the economy: no-regrets pathways to hydrogen ... CCUS: status and priorities for research and development ... Decarbonisation and digital twins: simulation for sustainable shipping ... Watlow HELIMAX heat exchanger.

  • November 2021 Issue

    November 2021 Issue


    Play a leading role in the energy transition ... Transformational potential for climate change mitigation ... Site emissions become a new metric for competitiveness ... Decarbonisation of steam crackers ... First principles of energy transition - Part 2 ... Hydrogen: potential superfuel? ... Green hydrogen: a possible path towards a low carbon future ... New low carbon methanol production approach ... A low carbon alternative to HFO ... Well to wake and beyond ... How advanced process control can support decarbonisation ... Find opportunities to decarbonise with pinch technology ... Challenges and opportunities of achieving sustainable operations ... Leverage digitalisation for sustainable operations ... Moving to a more sustainable future with Coriolis technology ... Monitoring technology for ethylene crackers and SMRs ... Role of gas analysis in clean air strategies to reduce emissions --- The need for custody transfer in the hydrogen industry ... Capturing green opportunities ... NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP compressor solutions.


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