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  • Direct Connect from Chromalox
    Chromalox DirectConnect systems bring a safe and reliable technical design for metal-sheathed electric process heating and power controls for heating systems operating at medium voltages (up to 7200 V). These patent-pending, DirectConnect medium voltage electric heating systems capture ...

  • Shell Gasification Process
    Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ SGP technology as a great way to reduce bottom-of-the-barrel molecules. Additionally, Shell Gasification Process has huge flexibility in feedstock, being able to process numerous streams from other bottom-of-the-barrel technologies, as well as flexibility ...

  • Innovating for a sustainable future
    Industrial ideas drive development and improve quality of life for people everywhere. Our compressors, vacuum systems, industrial tools, and power solutions run on less energy, reduce emissions and improve safety and ergonomics. This is our way of making a difference. Meet four of the ...

  • Change is in the air
    An overview of how our growth technologies play a critical role in helping our customers meet their net zero agenda.

  • Assessing the investment landscape for CCUS projects
    Assessing the investment landscape for CCUS projects: roles and expectations. Syrie Crouch Vice President CCS, Shell provides an overview of the current state of play and discusses the long-term for an expensive but essential technology - where does the investment community identify the ...

  • Navigating to a low carbon future: 2
    The steps you should be taking today to prepare for the leaps and bounds tomorrow. Miguel A. Calderón Carbon Cycle Director Division – ESG Cepsa discusses some of the big challenges facing organisations as they consider technology maturity, improvement, and development.  

  • Decarbonisation Technology Summit: Jesse Scott
    We explore the cutting edge of global decarbonisation technologies, solutions and supporting infrastructures. Our pilot event, the Europe Summit in London, took place on 18-19 May 2022.  Watch the highlights. The summit series will continue with regional events for the Americas, the ...

  • Decarbonising air travel
    Amelia works in Johnson Matthey’s Catalyst Technologies business.  Hear how she is helping to develop process technology to enable the production of sustainable fuels.

  • KBC Digitalization – now is the time
    At KBC we believe in a world where plants operate with: No safety incidents, No unplanned outages, Rigorous adherence to operating plans, Agile response to market changes and plant disturbances, A motivated and informed workforce, A culture of profitability. We call this ‘Excellence ...

  • Navigating to a low carbon future: 1
    The steps you should be taking today to prepare for the leaps and bounds tomorrow. Joachim von Scheele, Director Global Commercialization discusses how energy transition is reshaping demand, particularly as net-zero target dates draw near and policy attention and investment capital focus ...

  • Fuel Cells: Decarbonising the transport and energy sectors
    The automotive powertrain and energy landscape are going through their biggest transition in a generation. Consumers are pushing for more sustainable power and energy storage options. Governments are facing pressure to respond with demanding targets and regulations. Fuel cells - containing ...

  • Shell Renewable Refining Process (SRRP)
    The Shell Renewable Refining Process (SRRP) is providing the necessary pathways to refiners looking to meet their renewable mandates and blending obligations while capitalizing on the high upgrade margin and increased profitability of biofuels.

  • HELIMAX™ Ultra-Efficient Electric Heat Exchanger
    The HELIMAX™ is a next generation heat exchanger with Continuous Helical Flow Technology™ that enables ultra-high heat transfer unlike large, traditional heat exchangers with dead zones. Fluctuations within the heat exchanger to either the sheath temperature or the localized flow rate ...

  • Decarbonizing through Green Combustion
    Today, our industry faces more environmentally responsible emissions mandates and greater demand for the use of renewable energy. That’s why decarbonizing through optimized combustion and enhanced predictive analytics for more intentional plant equipment uptime is essential. The Thermox® ...

  • WATCONNECT® Standard Control Panels
    Watlow® is now offering WATCONNECT® standard control panels that are quickly configured to your specific application requirements and delivered within two weeks. WATCONNECT panels integrate Watlow’s high-quality heater, sensor, temperature controller and power controller products for ...

  • Unlocking the potential of hydrogen
    Mark works as an engineer in Johnson Matthey’s Catalyst Technologies business developing CCS-enabled (blue) hydrogen technology. Will works as a research scientist in Johnson Matthey’s Hydrogen Technologies business developing components for green hydrogen electrolysers.

  • Johnson Matthey Low Carbon Solutions
    Johnson Matthey low carbon solutions help our customers navigate and overcome the challenges they face in meeting emissions reduction targets. Carbon capture is key to decarbonising chemical industries, such as hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia. For refinery hydrogen plants, 95% of those ...

  • Decarbonisation Technology Summit: Event highlights
    We explore the cutting edge of global decarbonisation technologies, solutions and supporting infrastructures. Our pilot event, the Europe Summit in London, took place on 18-19 May 2022.  Watch the highlights. The summit series will continue with regional events for the Americas, the ...

  • HyCOgen and Fischer Tropsch explained
    The global demand for sustainable fuel is expected to ramp up rapidly in the next decade, driven by regulations in Europe that are already in place. By converting existing CO2 emissions to feedstock, our ready-to-license, innovative technology enables the production of sustainable fuels ...

  • Make Every Molecule Matter
    Something as small as a series of chemical reactions can have a profound impact on the health of our planet and its people. This is why Shell Catalysts & Technologies' mission is to Make Every Molecule Matter.  

  • There is no magic behind reactor performance
    It’s not magic. It’s science. Hydroprocessors know the wall that lies between them and peak reactor performance. Fouling, pressure drop, precipitation, agglomeration, polymerization, and catalyst deactivation, these obstacles build up, block by block. We help you break through that ...

  • Johnson Matthey Inspiring science, enhancing life
    Our vision is for a world that's cleaner and healthier, today and for future generations.

  • AVEVA We’ll Take You There
    This is an era of unparalleled innovation and of unprecedented disruption. From shifting global demands to sustainability, automation to artificial intelligence, industries are facing the biggest changes and opportunities of our time. AVEVA can help you take advantage, find the opportunity ...

  • Green hydrogen - Powering the transition to net zero
    The energy landscape is going through its biggest transition in a generation. Consumers are pushing for sustainable energy, and governments are making ambitious commitments to tackle climate change and reach ‘net zero’ emissions. Green hydrogen is a truly carbon neutral solution ...

  • Technip Energies Decarbonisation
    As a key dimension for the decarbonization of the existing energy industry infrastructure, Energy Efficiency improvements provide immediately available actions hence a strong first reaction to CO2 reduction efforts. Technip Energies provide robust decarbonization pathways with large portfolio ...

  • Shell Blue Hydrogen Process
    Natural gas producers are at a crossroads. They face a shifting regulatory landscape emphasising emissions reduction and an economic environment where cash preservation is critical. Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers resource holders a phased approach to diversifying their portfolios ...

  • Building the Plant of the Future
    Are you ready for the oil and gas plant of the future? Learn how the most cutting-edge oil and gas companies are striving for net zero and sharpening their competitive edges simultaneously. Together, we are laying the foundation for a more profitable and sustainable tomorrow.   ...

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