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  • Technip Energies Decarbonisation

    As a key dimension for the decarbonization of the existing energy industry infrastructure, Energy Efficiency improvements provide immediately available actions hence a strong first reaction to CO2 reduction efforts. Technip Energies provide robust decarbonization pathways with large portfolio ...

  • Reducing GHG emissions with Carbon Capture

    Insights on the Future of Energy by Jean Sentenac with Stefan Chapman

  • Innovating the Future

    The worlds energy demands are growing in concert with the need to reduce emissions and become more sustainable. Using our resources more wisely is paramount. Learn how Lummus Technology aims to be the leading process technology and solutions provider to industries that make modern life ...

  • IChemE and KBC - Serving Society

    KBC had the privilege to be selected to take part in a programme, Serving Society, to celebrate the UK Institute of Chemical Engineers’ (IChemE’s) 100th anniversary. IChemE has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News, to take a look at the role of the chemical engineer, how they ...

  • WATCONNECT® Standard Control Panels

    Watlow® is now offering WATCONNECT® standard control panels that are quickly configured to your specific application requirements and delivered within two weeks. WATCONNECT panels integrate Watlow’s high-quality heater, sensor, temperature controller and power controller products for ...

  • Decarbonising air travel

    Amelia works in Johnson Matthey’s Catalyst Technologies business.  Hear how she is helping to develop process technology to enable the production of sustainable fuels.

  • HELIMAX™ Ultra-Efficient Electric Heat Exchanger

    The HELIMAX™ is a next generation heat exchanger with Continuous Helical Flow Technology™ that enables ultra-high heat transfer unlike large, traditional heat exchangers with dead zones. Fluctuations within the heat exchanger to either the sheath temperature or the localized flow rate ...

  • Ecofining Technology for renewable transportation fuels

    Honeywell's UOP Ecofining technology is the market leading solution for producing renewable diesel and jet fuel from sustainable vegetable oils, animal fats and waste oils. Ecofining can also be designed to produce renewable H2 and LPG as byproducts, or 100% green naphtha. It is a commercially ...

  • The most versatile butterfly valve ever from Valmet

    We are introducing a new versatile Butterfly valve product range that enables easy valve configuration for an extensive range of applications in all process industries. With its state-of-the-art functionality, the product range offers superior process efficiency with a minimized environmental ...

  • Offshore C-Hub™, a New Offshore Hub for CO2 Sequestration

    An innovative, adaptable, relocatable and flexible floating hub solution for offshore CO2 injection and sequestration.

  • Welcome to Valmet's valve factory in Vantaa

    Step inside our Valve technology center in Vantaa, Finland and see how valves are manufactured, from machining to assembly, and final testing. In addition, have a look at our flow laboratory — the place for research and testing.

  • Capture.Now™ from Technip Energies

    Driving the CCUS market, new growth opportunities and carbon transformation with Capture.Now™. The global community is facing an acceleration of decarbonization and net-zero ambitions with a worldwide 7Gtpa target to be reached by 2050. The era of carbon capture, utilization and storage ...

  • Unlocking the potential of hydrogen

    Mark works as an engineer in Johnson Matthey’s Catalyst Technologies business developing CCS-enabled (blue) hydrogen technology. Will works as a research scientist in Johnson Matthey’s Hydrogen Technologies business developing components for green hydrogen electrolysers.

  • Reliability and performance with over 60 years of valve control experience

    We have been developing positioners for over 60 years and digital valve controllers for 25 years. Our latest outcome is the Neles NDX™ 2.0 next-generation intelligent valve controller. Our Neles positioners can be used in all industries, on big or small, rotary or linear valves; and ...

  • Blue H2 by T.EN™

    From technology to design, delivery and beyond, BlueH2 by T.EN™ is a unique suite of fully-integrated, low-carbon hydrogen technology and EPC solutions, part of Capture.Now™, our strategic platform for all our CCUS solutions, from a single provider tailored to meet our clients’ specific ...

  • Not just a valve — a key for reliable process

    ”Reliable valves ensure safe and reliable processes”, says Sari Saxholm, Valmet's Product Manager for butterfly valves. Watch the video and learn why a valve is not just a valve.

  • Decarbonizing through Green Combustion

    Today, our industry faces more environmentally responsible emissions mandates and greater demand for the use of renewable energy. That’s why decarbonizing through optimized combustion and enhanced predictive analytics for more intentional plant equipment uptime is essential. The Thermox® ...

  • Fuel Cells: Decarbonising the transport and energy sectors

    The automotive powertrain and energy landscape are going through their biggest transition in a generation. Consumers are pushing for more sustainable power and energy storage options. Governments are facing pressure to respond with demanding targets and regulations. Fuel cells - containing ...

  • Shell Gasification Process

    Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ SGP technology as a great way to reduce bottom-of-the-barrel molecules. Additionally, Shell Gasification Process has huge flexibility in feedstock, being able to process numerous streams from other bottom-of-the-barrel technologies, as well as flexibility ...

  • Valmet, the leader in mission-critical flow control solutions and services

    Valmet’s flow control offering, the world-renowned valve and pump solution brands Neles, NelesEasyflow, Jamesbury, Stonel, Valvcon and Flowrox for all process industries, industrial applications and operating conditions.

  • KBC (A Yokogawa Company) at the 2023 Decarbonisation Technology Summit

    Duncan Mitchell from KBC (A Yokogawa Company) speaking about being a partner at this years Decarbonisation Technology Summit.

  • There is no magic behind reactor performance

    It’s not magic. It’s science. Hydroprocessors know the wall that lies between them and peak reactor performance. Fouling, pressure drop, precipitation, agglomeration, polymerization, and catalyst deactivation, these obstacles build up, block by block. We help you break through that ...

  • Innovating for a sustainable future

    Industrial ideas drive development and improve quality of life for people everywhere. Our compressors, vacuum systems, industrial tools, and power solutions run on less energy, reduce emissions and improve safety and ergonomics. This is our way of making a difference. Meet four of the ...

  • Testing and simulations guarantee reliable process efficiency for valves

    High quality and robust design reflect on valve’s reliability and performance. We interviewed Tommi Bergström, Senior Research Engineer, about the design process behind the new modular butterfly valve platform.

  • Watlow at the 2023 Decarbonisation Technology Summit

    Johann Lainer speaking about Watlow's involvement in this years Decarbonisation Technology Summit.

  • Cut the Carbon initiative from Atlas Copco

    At Atlas Copco Gas and Process, we believe the quest for a more sustainable tomorrow begins today, with small yet significant initiatives like Cut the Carbon. Leveraging our experience and our passion for technological ingenuity, we continue to engineer turbomachinery solutions that reduce ...

  • Renewable Diesel Solutions from Grace

    Thanks to our century of experience in the petrochemical industry, we have the expertise renewable diesel producers need for the pre-treatment and purification of difficult-to-refine feedstock. TRISYL® silica adsorbents provide superior performance in the removal of polar and ionic contaminants ...

  • ZWICK Valves

    ZWICK manufactures valves that meet the highest requirements. The range of services includes metallic sealing butterfly valves of the series TRI-CON, TRI-CHECK Series Check Valves, Double Block and Bleed versions of the TRI-BLOCK series and the control fitting with the specially designed ...

  • Neles NDX 2.0 the next generation valve controller for more sustainable future in process industries

    Universal performance. Sustainable valve control performance. For all valves, industries and applications. One controller can do it all. Modularity makes it the easy choice. Designed for sustainable performance.

  • Building the Plant of the Future

    Are you ready for the oil and gas plant of the future? Learn how the most cutting-edge oil and gas companies are striving for net zero and sharpening their competitive edges simultaneously. Together, we are laying the foundation for a more profitable and sustainable tomorrow.   ...

  • Green hydrogen - Powering the transition to net zero

    The energy landscape is going through its biggest transition in a generation. Consumers are pushing for sustainable energy, and governments are making ambitious commitments to tackle climate change and reach ‘net zero’ emissions. Green hydrogen is a truly carbon neutral solution ...

  • Visual MESA Production Accounting from KBC

    Visual MESA® Production Accounting software is the most advanced solution for production accounting, balance, and data reconciliation applications. For more than 20 years, our production accounting software has been the most widely used technology in Latin America, with a continuously ...

  • David Anderson discusses how to carry out a successful shutdown

    What are the key questions to ask when evaluating the success of a shutdown project? And how can Valmet experts support you in your next shutdown? Watch the video interview with David Anderson, Head of Service Project Support and Promotion at Valmet's Flow Control business line.

  • 2023 Decarbonisation Technology Summit - Day 2

    Day 2 coverage of the 2023 Decarbonisation Technology Summit, held 19-20 April 2023 in London.

  • SERVOMEX clean air solutions

    Our gas analyzers for clean air applications will optimize process control and safety and help you to meet environmental standards keeping your plant and processes future-proofed.

  • Assessing the investment landscape for CCUS projects

    Assessing the investment landscape for CCUS projects: roles and expectations. Syrie Crouch Vice President CCS, Shell provides an overview of the current state of play and discusses the long-term for an expensive but essential technology - where does the investment community identify the ...

  • 2023 Decarbonisation Technology Summit - Day 1

    Day 1 coverage of the 2023 Decarbonisation Technology Summit, held 19-20 April 2023 in London.

  • Introduction to shutdowns

    In the video, David Anderson, Head of Service Project Support and Promotion at Valmet's Flow Control business line, talks about the basics of shutdown. What is a shutdown? And what are the main stages of a shutdown process? Watch the video to find out!

  • Shell Blue Hydrogen Process

    Natural gas producers are at a crossroads. They face a shifting regulatory landscape emphasising emissions reduction and an economic environment where cash preservation is critical. Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers resource holders a phased approach to diversifying their portfolios ...

  • Decarbonising the production of chemicals and fuels

    We're catalysing the net zero transition. Our catalyst and process technologies play a key role in decarbonising the chemical and energy industries. We enable the efficient and sustainable production of important chemicals and fuels using JM’s core chemistry and technology expertise ...

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