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  • HyCOgen and Fischer Tropsch explained

    The global demand for sustainable fuel is expected to ramp up rapidly in the next decade, driven by regulations in Europe that are already in place. By converting existing CO2 emissions to feedstock, our ready-to-license, innovative technology enables the production of sustainable fuels ...

  • Innovating the Future

    The worlds energy demands are growing in concert with the need to reduce emissions and become more sustainable. Using our resources more wisely is paramount. Learn how Lummus Technology aims to be the leading process technology and solutions provider to industries that make modern life ...

  • Visual EMSA Energy Management System from KBC

    Decision-makers must optimally design and operate their industrial energy assets to remain competitive in today's emerging energy landscape. The Visual MESA® Energy Management System supports energy management system activities using past, present, and future information to operate efficiently ...

  • 50 years of self regulating heating technology

    nVent is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its self-regulating heating technology this year under its globally recognized, market-leading nVent RAYCHEM brand. In 1972, the heat tracing division of the Raychem Corporation (now a part of nVent) patented and produced the world’s first ...

  • Reliability and performance with over 60 years of valve control experience

    We have been developing positioners for over 60 years and digital valve controllers for 25 years. Our latest outcome is the Neles NDX™ 2.0 next-generation intelligent valve controller. Our Neles positioners can be used in all industries, on big or small, rotary or linear valves; and ...

  • Decarbonising industry with ready-now low carbon solutions

    Johnson Matthey's low carbon solutions business helps our customers navigate and overcome the challenges they face in meeting emissions reduction targets. We provide tailored solutions that help you achieve significant and sustained reductions in carbon emissions; at scale, today, with ...

  • Testing and simulations guarantee reliable process efficiency for valves

    High quality and robust design reflect on valve’s reliability and performance. We interviewed Tommi Bergström, Senior Research Engineer, about the design process behind the new modular butterfly valve platform.

  • Benefits and challenges of electrifying shipping and port operations

    Claudia Hortelano, a Principal Consultant in Process Electrification Practice, discusses electrification in ports. Around 15% of port energy consumption comes from diesel-powered equipment, and 70% comes from ships using heavy fuel power. Electrification can greatly reduce emissions in ...

  • Unlocking the potential of hydrogen

    Mark works as an engineer in Johnson Matthey’s Catalyst Technologies business developing CCS-enabled (blue) hydrogen technology. Will works as a research scientist in Johnson Matthey’s Hydrogen Technologies business developing components for green hydrogen electrolysers.

  • XTVR Heating Cable - Reloaded with High Power Retention Technology (HPR)

    Meet the newest self-regulating heating cable, the nVent RAYCHEM XTVR. XTVR heating cables deliver reliable and efficient performance in higher temperatures and come with more power variants. Designed for use in freeze protection and process temperature maintenance applications, XTVR heating ...

  • The world of Valmet Flow Control

    Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. With our automation systems and flow control solutions we serve an even wider base of process industries. We aim to become the global champion in ...

  • ESF North America

    ESF presents the best opportunity for North American’s downstream oil & gas industry to network and knowledge share in the context of decarbonization and sustainability, showcasing the technologies and innovations to accelerate the energy transition.

  • SERVOMEX clean air solutions

    Our gas analyzers for clean air applications will optimize process control and safety and help you to meet environmental standards keeping your plant and processes future-proofed.

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