Number: 89


  • How electrification of industrial plant impacts its digital landscape

    Antoine Meurville, a Digital Domain Expert in Process Electrification Practice, discusses the impact of industrial plant electrification on its digital dimension. Industrial electrification impacts the digital landscape by necessitating modifications to process control systems, asset management ...

  • How partnerships benefit process electrification projects

    Brian Cameron, the Strategic Partnership Director for Schneider's Process Electrification Practice, talks about comprehensive support to customers in achieving sustainable transformations through industrial process electrification. The consultancy is engaging to cover a wide range of sectors ...

  • High pressure gas test at Valmet's valve technology center

    Welcome to our flow laboratory! This modern testing equipment with a robot delivers first-class valve performance even in the strictest conditions. Thanks to our testing areas we can develop even better products for demanding high pressure applications with low or even zero fugitive e ...

  • Offshore C-Hub™, a New Offshore Hub for CO2 Sequestration

    An innovative, adaptable, relocatable and flexible floating hub solution for offshore CO2 injection and sequestration.

  • Technip Energies Decarbonisation

    As a key dimension for the decarbonization of the existing energy industry infrastructure, Energy Efficiency improvements provide immediately available actions hence a strong first reaction to CO2 reduction efforts. Technip Energies provide robust decarbonization pathways with large portfolio ...

  • Revolutionising hydrogen production with low carbon technology

    Experience Johnson Matthey's LCH™ technology, the proven, ready-now solution delivering high-purity, clean hydrogen at scale with the lowest carbon intensity. A leader in hydrogen activities for decades, our experience cuts across numerous parts of the hydrogen value chain, including ...

  • Decarbonising air travel

    Amelia works in Johnson Matthey’s Catalyst Technologies business.  Hear how she is helping to develop process technology to enable the production of sustainable fuels.

  • Green hydrogen - Powering the transition to net zero

    The energy landscape is going through its biggest transition in a generation. Consumers are pushing for sustainable energy, and governments are making ambitious commitments to tackle climate change and reach ‘net zero’ emissions. Green hydrogen is a truly carbon neutral solution ...

  • Unlocking the potential of hydrogen

    Mark works as an engineer in Johnson Matthey’s Catalyst Technologies business developing CCS-enabled (blue) hydrogen technology. Will works as a research scientist in Johnson Matthey’s Hydrogen Technologies business developing components for green hydrogen electrolysers.

  • Watlow at the 2023 Decarbonisation Technology Summit

    Johann Lainer speaking about Watlow's involvement in this years Decarbonisation Technology Summit.

  • Building the Plant of the Future

    Are you ready for the oil and gas plant of the future? Learn how the most cutting-edge oil and gas companies are striving for net zero and sharpening their competitive edges simultaneously. Together, we are laying the foundation for a more profitable and sustainable tomorrow.   ...

  • How electrification impacts mining operations

    Antoine Meurville, a Digital Domain Expert in Process Electrification Practice, discusses the impacts of electrification in the mining industry. A key enabler for decarbonization electrification is a complex journey that requires careful system design with end goals in mind. It presents ...

  • Neles NDX 2.0 the next generation valve controller for more sustainable future in process industries

    Universal performance. Sustainable valve control performance. For all valves, industries and applications. One controller can do it all. Modularity makes it the easy choice. Designed for sustainable performance.