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Downsize downtime. Pump up profit. Crystaphase clears the path to reactor performance, longer production cycles and bottom-line success. Crystaphase technology been installed in thousands of applications by refiners around the world to reduce pressure drop, improve throughput, and increase profit.

Reactor Relief: Fouling, pressure drop, and temperature excursion are symptoms of an ill-performing reactor. Crystaphase has the cure. Secret Sauce: The humble heroes in lab coats studying your particles and poisons are the critical ingredients in all our customer successes.

Our Products at a Glance
CatTrap: CatTrap can extend your reactor’s production cycles up to 1,000 percent.
ActiPhase: Defend your catalyst against precipitable foulants with our advanced multi-tasking top bed technology.
Poison Control: Crystaphase poison control tackles poisons to protect your valuable catalyst.
PrecisionRings: Turn to the experts in reactor performance if you want to get the best value for your rings.
TechService: There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution–just the one that fits your business needs perfectly.

Catalyst Performance   -   Flow Dynamics   -   Pressure Drop   -   Throughput   -   Feedstock

It’s not magic. Just highly obsessive expertise. A lot happens inside a reactor, and not all of it good. Complex interactions, distribution patterns, suspended particles, and catalyst poisons all converge to form a river of lost profitability. Crystaphase can help.

To optimize catalysis, we apply a very specialized science, supported by state-of-the-art laboratories and passionate expertise. We methodically analyze samples, along with your current system, then design customized and replicable solutions to clear your path to greater reactor performance.

Performance from the inside out.
Purification and dispersion represent two phases of catalysis optimization. In traditional systems, the process of purifying progressively impedes dispersion. Crusting occurs, blocking flow, creating hot spots, and drastically diminishing productivity and profitability. Crystaphase technology uses a proprietary internal filtration design that eliminates crusting in the purification phase, thus maintaining uniform distribution in the dispersion phase, which together limit pressure differential.

By uniquely combining these strategies to address the unique circumstances in your reactor, we can significantly improve your performance.