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  • Shell Catalysts & Technologies - Who We Are

    Shell Catalysts & Technologies - Who We Are

    Take a look into the Shell Catalysts and Technologies business to better understand our approach in the marketplace and the partnership we look to establish with our customers to help deliver business results.

  • Assessing the investment landscape for CCUS projects

    Assessing the investment landscape for CCUS projects

    Assessing the investment landscape for CCUS projects: roles and expectations. Syrie Crouch Vice President CCS, Shell provides an overview of the current state of play and discusses the long-term for an expensive but essential technology - where does the investment community identify ...

  • Shell Renewable Refining Process (SRRP)

    Shell Renewable Refining Process (SRRP)

    The Shell Renewable Refining Process (SRRP) is providing the necessary pathways to refiners looking to meet their renewable mandates and blending obligations while capitalizing on the high upgrade margin and increased profitability of biofuels.

  • Make Every Molecule Matter

    Make Every Molecule Matter

    Something as small as a series of chemical reactions can have a profound impact on the health of our planet and its people. This is why Shell Catalysts & Technologies' mission is to Make Every Molecule Matter.


  • Shell Blue Hydrogen Process

    Shell Blue Hydrogen Process

    Natural gas producers are at a crossroads. They face a shifting regulatory landscape emphasising emissions reduction and an economic environment where cash preservation is critical. Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers resource holders a phased approach to diversifying their portfolios ...

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