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  • Eliminate heat exchanger fouling with Watlow’s HELIMAX technology

    Fluctuations within the heat exchanger to either the operating temperature or the mass flow rate are common causes of coking, which can lead to system failures and expensive downtime. Some heat exchanger design methods, like segmental baffles, have known dead zones where hot spots can occur, accelerating the coking process. Watlow’s HELIMAX ultra-efficient heat exchanger was designed to eliminate temperature-related failures. Leveraging our proven, patent-pending continuous ...

  • Heat Management System for the LNG Industry

    nVent Thermal Management protects critical processes within the LNG industry. Our Heat Management System (HMS) solutions support all aspects of the LNG supply chain - liquefaction and gasification plants, terminals, jetties and storage tanks. nVent RAYCHEM heat trace systems offer superior reliability with the highest lifetime value at lower installed cost and lower cost of ownership.

  • Industrial Heat Tracing Solutions

    Advanced Industrial Solutions. As the world’s largest provider of complete electrical heat management systems, primarily for the general process, oil and gas, chemical, and power generation industries, nVent provides innovative nVent RAYCHEM products and nVent TRACER turnkey solutions. nVent RAYCHEM heat trace systems offer superior reliability with the highest lifetime value at lower installed cost and lower cost of ownership. Our premiere turnkey solutions include full life ...

  • Life Cycle Services

    Industrial plants are often exposed to a wide array of unfavorable events including changes in temperature, weather conditions, corrosion, external loading, physical impact and even human error which can negatively impact the safety and performance of process environments. The effects of hidden issues and damaged equipment can compound the detrimental effect on day-to-day operations. nVent Thermal Management Life Cycle Services help you to extend the lifetime performance of ...

  • POWERSAFE - Fully integrated medium voltage control and heating solution

    POWERSAFE is a fully integrated medium voltage control and heating solution that offers longer heater life, allowing you to confidently replace fossil fuel solutions with a clean electric solution. It also meets the necessary agency requirements to help make your process safe and reliable. Wattage size requirements for electric thermal equipment have been on the rise. This makes medium voltage solutions attractive because they reduce overall installation costs compared to traditional ...

  • Decarbonising process heat with industrial heat pumps and steam compressors webinar

    Industrial energy consumption accounts for about 25% of energy demand and CO2 emissions worldwide, with process heat being the most common application. Hydrocarbon and basic chemical processing plants are particularly process heat-intensive. Heat demand for basic operations distillation and heating of fluids in US industry is about as energy intense as all other industrial heat applications combined. At the same time, there is a vast, unused potential for waste heat in many plant ...

  • A hidden threat to refining and petrochemical operations

    Did you know that a seemingly insignificant amount of biofilm can negatively affect heat exchanger reliability and efficiency and, as a result, significantly limit production? Attend this webinar from Solenis to gain valuable insights into risks and solution methodologies for biofilm issues. • Learn how biofilm can affect your profitability and production efficiency • Explore novel technologies from Solenis that mitigate the risks posed by biofilm • Hear about a leading ...

  • Mission critical electric heat tracing solutions to support the energy transition webinar

    Around the globe, clean fuels are helping reduce carbon emissions. And world leaders have pledged to invest in technologies such as carbon capture and hydrogen to help accelerate the clean energy transition. Biofuels, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas and carbon capture technologies are driving the transition to clean fuels and CO2 reduction. This webinar gives you the opportunity to learn how nVent RAYCHEM solutions for the energy transition markets can enable and optimize your ...

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