Technip Energies Launches SnapLNG by T.EN™

Technip Energies, a world leader in the LNG industry, presents SnapLNG by T.EN™, an innovative modular, pre-engineered and standardized solution for LNG decarbonized production and accelerated time to market with unparalleled certainty and plant reliability. SnapLNG by T.EN™ will be launched on Sept. 5-8 at Gastech Exhibition & Conference 2023 in Singapore.

The LNG industry takes a significant leap forward with the introduction of SnapLNG by T.EN™. This innovation promises to push back the boundaries of LNG production, making the process more efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly. With world LNG production which could reach 600Mtpa by 2030 and the need to make it cleaner and faster, Technip Energies draws on its 60 years of experience to offer a new solution that will facilitate the energy transition and transform the liquefied natural gas landscape: The Solution Zero for low-carbon LNG.

SnapLNG by T.EN™ is a 2.5 Mtpa electrically driven LNG train solution comprised of reproducible modules ready for delivery and installation. These modules operate autonomously and are pre-commissioned, for the delivery of a complete natural gas liquefaction plant, accelerating time to market and saving more than two years on total project duration compared to a conventional project.

SnapLNG by T.EN™ ‘s advanced design offers an unprecedented certainty in cost execution, delivery schedule, plant reliability and availability as well as production performance for a significant increase in annual revenues and a reduction of ~350kTe/year of CO2 emission per train versus a gas turbine solution.

Loïc Chapuis, SVP Gas & Low Carbon Energies at Technip Energies, said: "SnapLNG by T.EN™ represents a significant breakthrough in the LNG industry, embodying its future thanks to its innovative nature. This solution enables our clients to achieve considerable time savings and greater operational certainty and reliability while reaching their zero-emissions objectives. With SnapLNG by T.EN™, Technip Energies strengthens its position as a leader and pioneer in the LNG sector and as a trusted and committed partner supporting its clients in their transition to a low-carbon economy."


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