ExxonMobil licenses fluid bed methanol-to-gasoline technology to Aramco

ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC has licensed its advanced fluid bed Methanol-to-Gasoline technology to Aramco for a demonstration scale unit to be located in NEOM’s Hydrogen Innovation and Development Center (HIDC).

“Reducing greenhouse gas emission across the transportation sector is an essential component of the global energy transition and requires a portfolio of solutions. ExxonMobil’s fluid bed MTG technology can play an important role in helping deliver in this area,” said Tricia L. DeLaney, President of EMCL.

Commissioning of the licensed MTG units is expected in 2025. The unit is planned to utilize methanol feedstock derived from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce a synthetic, high-octane, drop-in blend stock for potential use on/off road and racing applications.

ExxonMobil scientists developed the methanol-to-gasoline chemistry in the 1970s. After years of studies and advancements, ExxonMobil analysis suggest that the fluid bed MTG process is advantaged in terms of capital expenditures, operation cost, operational reliability, and consistent product quality, when compared to a fixed bed process.

“We are excited that Aramco has selected ExxonMobil’s MTG technology for this important project which is another step towards a lower carbon emissions future,” said DeLaney.

“Aramco is exploring the production of low-carbon synthetic fuels that have CO2 reduction potential,” said Ali A. Al-Meshari, Aramco’s Senior Vice President of Technology Oversight & Coordination. “By leveraging innovative technologies, like the fluidized-bed MTG, we aspire to develop drop-in synthetic fuels that can potentially rolled-out seamlessly into existing vehicles.”


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