C2X agreement with Egyptian Government for large-scale green methanol production

C2X, a company aiming to establish large-scale green methanol production for multiple industries, has taken an important step towards the development of their second production site.

After signing a Framework Agreement with the Egyptian Government for a green methanol project in Egypt earlier this month, C2X has successfully concluded the first phase to secure the concession for a 47ha large site for green methanol production within the Port of Huelva, Southern Spain.

“Securing suitable land is an important step in our ambition to become a leading large-scale methanol producer in Spain. We are excited about this opportunity in Huelva to establish one of Europe’s leading green methanol facilities in such an optimal location,” says Brian Davis, Chief Executive Officer of C2X.

Located in the area of Punta del Sebo in the Port of Huelva, the land has the potential to support up to one million tons per year of methanol production when fully developed. Before construction can start, several administrative steps need to be completed.

This project is a result of a protocol of collaboration agreed between A.P. Moller - Maersk and the government of Spain in November 2022 to explore the possibilities of producing green fuels in Spain.

“We are very grateful for the strong support for our project from the central and regional administrations in Spain and from the Port and the City of Huelva,” says Diego Perdones Montero, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of C2X and Managing Director for C2X in Spain. “The green transformation can only be achieved if partners from the public and private sector work hand in hand, because a lot of what we are doing is pioneering work. We look forward to continuing this cooperation in the next steps of the project.”


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