ExxonMobil and Zeeco drive emissions reduction with next-generation ultra-low NOx, 100% hydrogen ready burners

ExxonMobil and Zeeco, Inc. has announced a strategic alliance to market the ZEECO FREE JET Gen 3 – next-generation ultra-low NOx, 100% hydrogen ready burner.

The new burner can significantly lower emissions for industrial manufacturers as they explore fuel switching from natural gas to hydrogen, which could be supplied from ExxonMobil’s planned Baytown low-carbon hydrogen project. FREE JET Gen 3 100% H2The new burner technology extends burner fuel firing capabilities to 100% hydrogen. Hydrogen is emerging as a low emission fuel because there are no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at the point of combustion, making it ideal for replacing higher emission fuels.

“This end-to-end solution enables the creation of low-emission products,” said Mark Klewpatinond, Hydrogen Global Business Manager at ExxonMobil.

“Zeeco's technology, paired with our low-carbon hydrogen offering, is a pivotal step on society's journey to net zero.”

Industrial burners are similar to those found in a home stove but are much larger and produce the high temperatures required to manufacture fuels, plastics, and other everyday products. Most current burners and facility infrastructure were developed to fire natural gas or other fuels and require significant upgrades to support 100% hydrogen firing. The FREE JET Gen 3 helps bridge that infrastructure gap to provide operators with a tailored solution.

“Zeeco developed the FREE JET Gen 3 burner to meet the growing demand for a reliable high hydrogen burner,” said Eric Pratchard, Director of Burner Products at Zeeco. “Its unique design allows operators the flexibility to fire 100% hydrogen and various hydrogen mixtures. This means facilities can take steps now to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and then completely eliminate CO2 emissions from industrial burners in the future.”

To help lower its emissions, ExxonMobil is installing Zeeco’s FREE JET Gen 3 burners at its Baytown Complex in Texas. ExxonMobil and Zeeco, technology collaborators for over two decades, will continue to develop solutions to help reduce industrial emissions, accelerate society’s path to net zero, and collaborate with heavy industry.


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