Collaboration between Neste, Borealis and MAM brings new soother made with renewably-sourced feedstock to market

Neste, Borealis and MAM collaboratively announce an exciting product development made possible by value chain collaboration. MAM has been creating innovative and unique baby products such as soothers and baby bottles for more than 45 years, and has recently launched its first climate-neutral soother. The new MAM Original Pure soother is composed of renewably-sourced polypropylene (PP) from the Bornewables™ portfolio of circular polyolefins, manufactured with Neste RE™ produced entirely from renewable raw materials.

The packaging of MAM Original Pure soother, which also functions as a steriliser box, is also made using the Bornewables. This development is an excellent example of how eco-efficient design and the use of circular polyolefins can substantially reduce the carbon footprint of a product while at the same time guaranteeing its safety and superior product quality. 

In their efforts to decarbonise and reach their sustainability targets, many industry sectors are seeking safe and cost-efficient alternatives for plastics made using fossil-based feedstock. Grades in the Borealis Bornewables portfolio are often the ideal replacement solution. Using renewable Neste RE feedstock consisting of renewable propane which is derived for this collaboration solely from vegetable oil origin waste and residue streams, the Bornewables are produced according to the mass balance model which enables circular polyolefins to be tracked, traced, and verified throughout the entire value chain. Neste supplies Neste RE feedstock to Borealis for dehydrogenation. It is first converted to renewable propylene, then to renewable polypropylene (PP) at Borealis’ ISCC PLUS certified production facilities in Belgium. 

“In line with our EverMinds™ initiatives to work with partners along the value chain to accelerate action on circularity, we strive to offer innovative and circular material solutions that help our partners and customers attain their own ambitious climate and sustainability targets – with this we re-invent essentials for sustainable living,” says Peter Voortmans, Global Commercial Director Consumer Products at Borealis. “The collaboration with Neste and MAM is a prime example of how upstream and downstream partners can come together to accelerate plastics circularity.” 

“The MAM Original Pure soothers show how renewable feedstock such as Neste RE has become a viable alternative to conventional fossil feedstock even in sensitive applications,” says Maria Carcolé, Head of Brand Owner Management from Renewable Polymers and Chemicals business unit at Neste. “We are happy to contribute to new products with significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions while helping maintain product safety and performance at the highest level.” 

“After nearly a decade of intensive research and as a next milestone in our sustainability efforts, we are now very proud to launch our MAM Original Pure soother range made of renewably-sourced raw materials. A new product range is made for the healthy growth of babies and contributes to sustainable development that secures the future of our planet,” says Peter Röhrig, CEO and Founder of MAM.


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