Virgin Voyages announces sustainable marine fuel partnerships

Virgin Voyages is working to make its cruise ships more sustainable, through partnerships with independent sustainability experts the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials, and three leading waste-based sustainable fuel providers. 

Following months of research, Virgin Voyages has taken an important step towards a low-carbon future by establishing these key partnerships and is working with multiple partners on sustainable marine fuel supply. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all low-carbon fuel solution, Virgin Voyages will work with three partners through long-term partnerships to develop the best solutions: 

  • Twelve — A carbon transformation company with revolutionary technology using air (not oil) to produce materials and fuel sources 

  • Argent Energy — The European waste-based biodiesel producer with a vision to help decarbonise transport worldwide 

  • Good Fuels — Global market leader of accelerating the transition from harmful emissions into sustainable marine fuel by implementing waste-based technology 

Adopting sustainable fuels, such as those made from waste, or direct air capture of CO2, is essential for reaching net zero by 2050. Virgin Voyages estimates that by switching to sustainable marine fuels, the line will reduce its life-cycle carbon emissions from fuel by 75% or more. 

“In order to significantly reduce our carbon footprint further, we must transition to lower-carbon fuel sources as soon as possible. We could do this today with our existing engines if more sustainable ‘drop-in’ fuels were available in our ports of call. Unfortunately, these fuels are not yet widely available, and in most cases, are not cost competitive. We want to work with partners to pioneer for the essential change,” said Tom McAlpin, CEO of Virgin Voyages.  

“Virgin will always aim to be a leader in the industries we operate in,” added Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group. “We aspire to make the cruise industry better in many ways including through climate action. I’m proud that Virgin Voyages will be working with industry partners and others to shape the future of more sustainable cruise travel and to bring about a real sea change for all.” 

Virgin Voyages is championing key partnerships across the cruise industry and advocating for supportive policies and incentives that will enable these solutions to reach a great scale. By working collectively with other leading stakeholders to drive demand and increase access to supply, Virgin Voyages is on a mission to change the industry for good. This is an important step in developing the appropriate infrastructure and creating policies that reduce carbon emissions.


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