McKinsey and Microsoft join forces to accelerate decarbonization transformations

Organizations driving towards net-zero often face a major impediment—the lack of an efficient, scalable technology solution. To calculate their organization’s overall carbon footprint, build a robust decarbonization plan, and execute it with confidence and transparency, leaders need technology that can rival the challenge.

To address this, Microsoft and McKinsey have joined forces to create an integrated solution that combines sustainability data intelligence from Microsoft Sustainability Manager with decarbonization planning and an execution engine using McKinsey Sustainability’s Catalyst Zero. This technological collaboration will enhance companies’ sustainability transformations by integrating their data from activities that produce emissions with initiatives to abate them.

Powered by Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, this combined solution uses Sustainability Manager to automate and scale the collection of companies’ sustainability-related data and support establishing an emission baseline. Following that, McKinsey’s Catalyst Zero solution, which draws on our sustainability expertise and proven transformation experience, provides a holistic understanding of emissions at company, product and value chain levels, and helps leaders create a detailed decarbonization plan by leveraging a vast proprietary library of decarbonization levers.


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