pHYnix selects Howden as compressor supplier for Vitale

pHYnix selects Howden as compressor supplier for Vitale, its first commercial-scale 10 MW renewable hydrogen production facility in Spain.

pHYnix, an independent renewable hydrogen producer, has selected Howden, a leading global provider of mission critical air and gas handling products, technologies and services, to supply two hydrogen diaphragm compressors for Vitale plant. This facility is the first commercial-scale 10 MW renewable hydrogen production plant in Spain, and is one of the largest electrolysis projects under construction in Europe.

Enabled with Howden Uptime, the diaphragm compressors consist of a booster and a high-pressure compressor that will compress the hydrogen from the electrolyser into the gas infrastructure (from 30 bar to 60 bar) and into tube trailers (from 60 bar to 380 bar).

In addition to the diaphragm technology, the maintenance service is decisive for the selection of Howden compressors. In particular, Howden Uptime's continuous monitoring ensures the security and safety required by the plant.
"By working closely with pHYnix, we identified the right compression solution for their process. Our efficient hydrogen compression technology along with a clear focus and understanding of the full lifecycle, we are able to minimise the total cost of ownership of operations.

"This project will play a key role in supporting the energy independence of
Spain and accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen in Europe. We are pleased to be supporting pHYnix in implementing a clean energy solution and advancing the hydrogen economy" Salah Mahdy, Global Director, Renewable Hydrogen at Howden

pHYnix CTO/COO, Philippe Guinot, underlined the importance of this agreement: "Howden is a partner with proven expertise in manufacturing safe, efficient and reliable equipment for hydrogen compression, a major guarantee for Vitale plant. We are getting closer and closer to producing the renewable hydrogen needed to decarbonise the most challenging sectors: industry and transport and doing our bit to reach the ambitious European sustainability targets".

Vitale will be one of the first renewable hydrogen production plants in Europe and the first in Spain on a commercial scale with different applications. The sale of the renewable gas will be destined, to local industrial players through direct supply, to the logistics and heavy transport sectors, as well as to urban and interurban transport in the Community of Madrid. In addition, a percentage of the production will be injected into the gas grid to be exported to the European market (gas blending).

Vitale is under construction and will produce 1,450 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per year from 2024. Thanks to this, pHYnix will meet its objectives of distributing green hydrogen in Spain and contributing to the decarbonisation of the most critical sectors: industry and transport.


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