Economics of Decarbonisation with Honeywell Sustainability Portfolio and IRA

(Webinar) - The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), passed by the US government on August 16, 2022, provides nearly $370B in clean energy and climate funding over the next decade There has never been a better time to invest in a more sustainable future. Our upcoming webinar will provide valuable insights into key IRA provisions and enabling technologies to accelerate industrial decarbonisation and achieve your long-term financial and sustainability goals. Reserve Your Free Access Today for 9 March HERE

This webinar will offer an incredible opportunity for you to learn and gain valuable insights:

         1. Overview of Global and US Green House Gas Emissions
         2. Inflation Reduction Act and its key provisions
         3. Decarbonisation Transformation Pathways
         4. Honeywell Sustainable solutions for
                  ●  Clean Hydrogen
                  ●  Carbon Capture
                  ●  Renewable Fuels and
                  ●  Energy Storage

Honeywell, as a global leader in industrial decarbonization, is at the forefront of driving sustainability and reducing emissions across industries. Through innovative technologies and an industry-wide Sustainability portfolio, Honeywell is working to reduce emissions and promote a cleaner energy transition.

Join us to learn about building a cleaner environment and how organizations like Honeywell can help you leverage the incentives provided by the Inflation Reduction Act. By doing so, together we can contribute towards building a greener future, benefiting businesses and the environment alike.


- Naved Reza
Honeywell Sustainability Technology Solutions

- Steve Skillen
Honeywell Sustainability Technology Solutions

You can view the webinar On Demand HERE


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