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With a heritage spanning more than 110 years and a focus on innovation that has resulted in more than 130 technologies and 3,400 patents and patent applications, Lummus is the global leader in the development and implementation of process technologies that make modern life possible. While our reach is global, we pride ourselves on fostering local relationships to meet the needs of each customer, efficiently and effectively.

Driving The Energy Transition: The energy industry has gone through many significant changes over the years, and for more than 110 years Lummus has always been at the forefront of these transformations. Today, our industry is experiencing a structural change, shifting to cleaner, more sustainable solutions. And with its innovation focus and partnerships, Lummus is poised to play a leading role in the energy transition.

Green Circle: Lummus’ business entity, Green Circle LLC, concentrates and expands the company’s capabilities to capture new opportunities in the energy transition and circular economy. Green Circle is a leader in providing economically and technically sound solutions to: process solid wastes containing plastics; process various renewable bio-based feedstocks to value-added chemicals, polymers and fuels; decarbonize refinery and petrochemicals assets; and expand production of green and blue hydrogen and biofuels.

Hydrogen & Synthesis Gas: Lummus Technology is a leading supplier of hydrogen and Synthesis Gas Plants for refinery, petrochemical and other industrial gas applications. Lummus designs hydrogen and synthesis gas plants utilizing: steam methane reforming (SMR), steam/oxygen reforming (SMR/O2R) and auto-thermal reforming (ATR) technology with natural gas, LPG and/or naphtha feedstocks. Over the past 50 years, Lummus has designed and supplied more than 200 plants worldwide.

Lummus’ hydrogen technology provides solutions for both conventional hydrogen and Blue Hydrogen Production. Conventional hydrogen production emits CO2, produced from reactions and combustion, to the atmosphere. Blue Hydrogen Production captures the CO2 and stores or utilizes it in a down-stream process. This hydrogen technology is part of Lummus’ Green Circle LLC entity, which is focused on the circular economy and energy transition.

Process Technologies: As an industry-leading integrated master licensor with the broadest and most diversified, best-in-class technology portfolio, our technologies are critical in the gasification of coal into syngas, the refining of crude oil into gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and lubricants, and the processing of natural gas into various chemicals and polymers. Our broad portfolio ensures low operating expenses and reliability throughout the plant lifecycle. From light fuel to heavy, we have the process technologies to successfully meet your goals. Whether your priority is sustainability, cleaner operating needs or a myriad of other objectives, we have the solution.
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