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At Chromalox, we specialize in zero emission thermal technologies that are designed for the world’s most challenging applications. From component heaters capable of precise temperature uniformity, to high temperature air heaters for thermal energy storage systems, our solutions are capable of addressing the thermal needs of all facets of sustainable energy. Our century plus of experience and innovation makes us the trusted partner in electric heat for transition into a sustainable future.

Achieving carbon neutrality while simultaneously facing increasing global energy needs is a challenge that demands innovation. At Chromalox, our electric thermal technologies provide zero emission heating and control solutions necessary to meet those challenges. Across the energy sector we've proven our century of electric heating experience, high standard of quality, and commitment to sustainability make Chromalox the ideal partner for reaching carbon footprint goals without sacrificing performance or reliability.
- Gas & Oil Processing
- Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
- Refining and Petrochemical Processing

Sustainable Energy
Advances in modern technology have led to developing countries consuming energy at an alarming rate, with every year the energy needs of our planet being greater than the year before. Fossil fuels have long since been the dominant source of fuel, but long-term reliance on them for energy has its limits, and the attributed pollution that comes from them are starting to leave a scar on our planet that may be irreversible. This significant challenge to break away from fossil fuels has brought on great strides of ingenuity and technologies aimed at changing our reliance from the finite, to the sustainable.
- Ammonia Production
- Energy Storage Solutions
- Hydrogen Energy Production

Oil and Gas Distribution and Gas Processing
Once oil and gas are extracted from the sea floor and or land- based oil and gas wells it needs to be transported, gathered, and processed from these upstream facilities. Oil and natural gas systems encompass wells, gas gathering and processing facilities, storage, and transmission and distribution pipelines. These components are all important aspects of the oil and natural gas cycle—the process of getting oil, refined products, and natural gas out of the ground and to the end user. These operations are 24/7, 365 days a year. Chromalox continues to be a trusted partner for over 100 plus years to provide efficient, cost effective, reliable, and sustainable zero emission thermal management systems for this challenging and ever- changing industry.
- Downstream LNG Terminal Applications
- Midstream Processing Applications