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Schneider’s purpose is to empower the world to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability. At Schneider, we call this Life Is On.

Industrial decarbonization implies switching away from fossil fuels. Energy-intensive industries, like oil and gas, mining, glass, and steel, where direct greenhouse gas emissions levels are the highest, can reap the greatest benefits. Yet, even lighter industries, from life sciences to food and beverage, have plenty to gain.

The fastest and most impactful way to decarbonize is to electrify processes and assets. 78% of the energy used in the industry is not electrified, while almost 50% could be today. Industrial electrification is critical for industries to stay competitive, meet regulatory requirements, and contribute to a greener planet.

Electrification is key for industries and infrastructure
With specialized experience and in-depth knowledge in their respective industries, our experts are the linchpin in providing clients with superior consulting solutions for the electrification roadmap. They possess a keen understanding of industry nuances, emerging trends, and the evolving landscape within their domains. This expertise enables them to craft tailored recommendations and strategies that precisely align with the unique needs and challenges of our clients.

- Discover the benefits of electrification
Electricity 4.0: Renewable generation and ultra-efficiency of electricity make it the best vector for decarbonization. Digital adds operational visibility and insights.

Impacts and Opportunities: Greater electrical loads mean significant upgrades to your power systems, but also a cleaner energy mix, improved resilience, and cost control.

Digital Technology: Electrified processes are more flexible, offer enhanced control, higher efficiency, and reduced energy use.

- Get to know your electrification experts
Our experts deliver detailed studies to unveil 360° electrification potential looking at all the possible aspects and stages of this journey. We identify correlations between electrification, emissions reduction, and CapEx. We evaluate the impacts, challenges and opportunities, and assess the operational integrity and performance of electrified processes.

- Explore our roadmap to process electrification