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  • Decarbonising the production of chemicals and fuels
    We're catalysing the net zero transition. Our catalyst and process technologies play a key role in decarbonising the chemical and energy industries. We enable the efficient and sustainable production of important chemicals and fuels using JM’s core chemistry and technology expertise ...

  • Ecofining Technology for renewable transportation fuels
    Honeywell's UOP Ecofining technology is the market leading solution for producing renewable diesel and jet fuel from sustainable vegetable oils, animal fats and waste oils. Ecofining can also be designed to produce renewable H2 and LPG as byproducts, or 100% green naphtha. It is a commercially ...

  • Innovating the Future
    The worlds energy demands are growing in concert with the need to reduce emissions and become more sustainable. Using our resources more wisely is paramount. Learn how Lummus Technology aims to be the leading process technology and solutions provider to industries that make modern life ...

  • KBC Digitalization - now is the time
    At KBC we believe in a world where plants operate with: No safety incidents, No unplanned outages, Rigorous adherence to operating plans, Agile response to market changes and plant disturbances, A motivated and informed workforce, A culture of profitability. We call this Excellence.

  • SERVOMEX clean air solutions
    Our gas analyzers for clean air applications will optimize process control and safety and help you to meet environmental standards keeping your plant and processes future-proofed.

  • Technip Energies Decarbonisation
    As a key dimension for the decarbonization of the existing energy industry infrastructure, Energy Efficiency improvements provide immediately available actions hence a strong first reaction to CO2 reduction efforts. Technip Energies provide robust decarbonization pathways with large portfolio ...

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