World Hydrogen Latin America

25 - 27 November 2024


Event Description

With huge ambition and potential, Latin America has an exceptional opportunity to become a global clean hydrogen powerhouse. Clean hydrogen roadmaps have been announced along with an ever-increasing number of projects, both large and small. With ample sun, wind and in some regions, hydro, Latin America can offer affordable clean energy which in turn can offer affordable clean hydrogen.

World Hydrogen Latin America brings together more than 400 hydrogen experts and professionals World Hydrogen Latin America explores the biggest challenges and opportunities in the region including:

  • Policy, permitting, regulations and certifications for different types of hydrogen
  • Discover how to generate local demand and guarantee offtake agreements domestically and internationally
  • Scaling-up to giga scale projects for export Hydrogen storage and distribution strategies

Due to a combination of foreign investment, regional innovation and wide array of natural resources, Latin America is positioned to be one of the leading exporters of clean hydrogen by the end of this decade. World Hydrogen Latin America will bring together the entire hydrogen value chain to focus on the challenges and opportunities of scaling up the continental hydrogen economy.

With many hydrogen strategies now becoming a reality, this event will examine ongoing project development and how far the hydrogen industry has progressed in the region. From solutions providers, infrastructure partners and EPCs, to governments, financiers and multilateral institutions, this conference will bring voices from all aspects of the Latin American value chain to explore the market in more depth, highlight opportunities for further growth in the years to come.

Event Organiser

World Hydrogen Leaders
Edinburgh House
170 Kennington Lane
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Phone : +44 (0)20 7099 0600
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