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  • Accelerating a more sustainable future

    Executives are increasingly turning to sustainability as a force multiplier for competitive advantage. In the past, this was typically not a competitive focus simply a means of demonstrating responsible corporate citizenship and so sustainability initiatives often became siloed within the enterprise. Today, sustainability has become central to business operations, emerging as an essential element of a successful strategy. CEOs are discovering that “sustainability” and “profitability” ...

  • AMETEK Anaylser Guide

    At AMETEK Process Instruments, we focus our experience on designing innovative analyzers that help our customers reach higher levels of productivity and quality. We achieve this by finding ways to overcome the limitations of current methods of process monitoring, control and quality assurance. Through this focus we have created some of the most capable technologies in the world. Our primary focus in analyzer design is reliability. We understand that you must have confidence ...

  • Global Energy Outlook 2022: Turning Points and Tension in the Energy Transition

    RFF's annual Global Energy Outlook report examines a range of projections for the global energy system, summarising key implications for global energy consumption, emissions, and geopolitics. About the authors:  Daniel Raimi is a fellow at Resources for the Future (RFF) and a lecturer at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. He works on a range of energy policy issues with a focus on tools to enable an equitable energy transition. ...

  • nViro Integrated Waste Management Solutions

    Honeywell UOPs nViro technologies integrate waste management with the design of the process unit, producing opportunities for optimization and process improvements. nViro combines UOPs leadership in refining and petrochemical process technologies with UOP Callidus experience in waste stream management for powerful solutions to cut costs, reduce emissions and turn waste streams into revenue streams. nViro solutions cover a wide range of processes and wastes, providing practical ...

  • Transition to net zero: steps to decarbonize the oil refining industry

    A review of the solutions being employed by oil refineries to reduce their Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions. Despite improvements in vehicle fuel economy, increasing adoption of hybrids, and EVs, petroleum- based fuel demand continues to grow, at least in the short- to mid-term! In general, demand is generated from population growth and increased car ownership, and both are increasing. However, during the pandemic, people concerned about health moved around less. Consequently, ...

  • UK public sector support for hydrogen research and innovation

    The UK government has put research, innovation and ‘learning by doing’ at the heart of its approach to developing a thriving UK hydrogen sector — as set out in the 2021 UK Hydrogen Strategy. Research and innovation (R&I) will be vital to accelerating the growth of the UK hydrogen economy: it can help de-risk current technology while next generation technology is developed, drive efficiencies and cost reductions, address risks, and help answer key outstanding socio-economic ...

  • Decarbonization with hydrogen solutions

    Demand for hydrogen is expected to increase up to ten-fold by 2050 when multiple industry reports predict 8-24% of the world’s final energy demand will be supplied by hydrogen. Hydrogen has a unique ability to address ‘hard-to-decarbonize’ sectors including refining, chemicals, steel, heating, long-haul transport, and long-term power storage — all of which currently produce significant CO2 emissions. To achieve this, hydrogen must be produced with significantly lower carbon ...

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