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  • An Eye on Methane: International methane emissions observatory 2023 report

    An Eye on Methane: the road to radical transparency takes stock of progress harnessing an imminent data revolution that can accelerate methane reduction on a global scale. Credible data has the potential to deliver the transparency needed for rapid climate action, but only if reconciled, integrated and put into the hands of those who can act on it. The International Methane Emissions Observatory’s third annual report provides decision makers a framework of action to track ...

  • Global Methane Tracker 2023

    Methane is responsible for around 30% of the rise in global temperatures since the Industrial Revolution, and rapid and sustained reductions in methane emissions are key to limiting near-term global warming and improving air quality. The energy sector – including oil, natural gas, coal and bioenergy – accounts for nearly 40% of methane emissions from human activity. The IEA’s Global Methane Tracker is an indispensable tool in the fight to bring down emissions from across ...

  • Natural Gas Solutions

    Natural gas is an important part of the world’s energy supply. From feedstock for production processes to generating electrical power, the transportation, distribution, storage, and processing of natural gas has a global impact. Natural gas must meet specific requirements as it relates to heating value, hydrocarbon dew point, and the concentration of various contaminants. The quality of natural gas can be impacted by contaminants, such as water vapor, sulfur-based compounds, ...

  • OGCI sets out roadmap to decarbonise refining

    A new study from the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) has identified a pathway to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the refining sector by using low-carbon electricity instead of fossil fuels to power some equipment. Decarbonising the downstream sector, which includes refineries and chemical facilities, will play an important role in reaching a net zero emissions future. It also forms a key pillar of OGCI’s strategy to reach net zero emissions from ...

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