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  • DNVs UK Energy Transition Outlook

    The first edition of DNVs UK Energy Transition Outlook (ETO) 2022 highlights that the nation will miss its net zero ambitions and achieve an 85% reduction from 1990 levels by 2050, with significant emissions from the buildings and transport sector still impeding overall success. In this report, DNV provides a detailed forecast of the demand and supply of energy towards 2050 and delves into the specific opportunities, challenges, policy, and financing impacting the likelihood ...

  • Eliminate heat exchanger fouling with Watlow’s HELIMAX technology

    Fluctuations within the heat exchanger to either the operating temperature or the mass flow rate are common causes of coking, which can lead to system failures and expensive downtime. Some heat exchanger design methods, like segmental baffles, have known dead zones where hot spots can occur, accelerating the coking process. Watlow’s HELIMAX ultra-efficient heat exchanger was designed to eliminate temperature-related failures. Leveraging our proven, patent-pending continuous ...

  • POWERSAFE - Fully integrated medium voltage control and heating solution

    POWERSAFE is a fully integrated medium voltage control and heating solution that offers longer heater life, allowing you to confidently replace fossil fuel solutions with a clean electric solution. It also meets the necessary agency requirements to help make your process safe and reliable. Wattage size requirements for electric thermal equipment have been on the rise. This makes medium voltage solutions attractive because they reduce overall installation costs compared to traditional ...

  • Transition to net zero: steps to decarbonize the oil refining industry

    A review of the solutions being employed by oil refineries to reduce their Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions. Despite improvements in vehicle fuel economy, increasing adoption of hybrids, and EVs, petroleum- based fuel demand continues to grow, at least in the short- to mid-term! In general, demand is generated from population growth and increased car ownership, and both are increasing. However, during the pandemic, people concerned about health moved around less. Consequently, ...

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