Decarbonizing process heat with industrial heat pumps and steam compressors webinar

(Webinar) - Industrial energy consumption accounts for about 25% of energy demand and CO2 emissions worldwide, with process heat being the most common application. Hydrocarbon and basic chemical processing plants are particularly process heat-intensive. Heat demand for basic operations distillation and heating of fluids in US industry is about as energy intense as all other industrial heat applications combined. At the same time, there is a vast, unused potential for waste heat in many plant operations.

Attend this free one-hour webinar from to learn about:
- The vast energy-saving capabilities of industrial heat pumps and steam compressors

- Ways in which state-of-the art heating technologies have been proven

- Why energy efficiency is a vital “fitness factor” in a global economy

- How regions with high energy costs particularly benefit

Rasmus Rubycz
Market Manager New Energy

You can view this webinar On-Demand HERE

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