Low cost production of renewable diesel and SAF with BioFlux™ Hydrotreating Technology

Feed flexibility is critical for operators to stay competitive and deliver high-quality products. But diversifying your feed can bring its own set of challenges. It gets even trickier when working with renewable feedstocks from biological sources. These materials are highly olefinic and might be packed with heteroatom contaminants. To turn them into something valuable, you need substantially more hydrogen than you would for conventional petroleum hydrotreating. We're talking 1,700 to 2,500 scf/bbl - two to three times more than usual! On top of that, the reactions involved in processing these feedstocks generate a lot of heat. That heat can cause catalyst coking, deactivation, and even runaway reactions.

To overcome these challenges, you need License Technologies that can quickly adapt to your process, efficiently support your biofuel production, and be economically viable.

In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges of producing renewable diesel and SAF and present how BioFlux can be the right tool to achieve your fuel flexibility goals and stay ahead of the competition.

BioFlux is a liquid-full hydrotreating technology licensed globally by Sulzer Chemtech (GTC Technology). It has been recognized for its leading cost-effectiveness and competitiveness by NexantECA’s latest report, estimating that BioFlux is one of the top two hydrotreating solutions for producing HVO and/or Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) when it comes to cost-effectiveness.


Sashikant Madgula
Sulzer Chemtech
Business Segment Leader, Clean Fuels & Chemical Licensing

You can view the On-Demand webinar HERE


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