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  • We're Johnson Matthey

    For over 200 years we've used advanced metals chemistry to tackle society's biggest challenges. Today, the world's leading energy, chemical and automotive companies depend on us to help them decarbonise, reduce harmful emissions and achieve their sustainability goals. Our skills are needed ...

  • Capture.Now™ from Technip Energies

    Driving the CCUS market, new growth opportunities and carbon transformation with Capture.Now™. The global community is facing an acceleration of decarbonization and net-zero ambitions with a worldwide 7Gtpa target to be reached by 2050. The era of carbon capture, utilization and storage ...

  • Change is in the air

    An overview of how our growth technologies play a critical role in helping our customers meet their net zero agenda.

  • Decarbonising industry with ready-now low carbon solutions

    Johnson Matthey's low carbon solutions business helps our customers navigate and overcome the challenges they face in meeting emissions reduction targets. We provide tailored solutions that help you achieve significant and sustained reductions in carbon emissions; at scale, today, with ...

  • Ecofining Technology for renewable transportation fuels

    Honeywell's UOP Ecofining technology is the market leading solution for producing renewable diesel and jet fuel from sustainable vegetable oils, animal fats and waste oils. Ecofining can also be designed to produce renewable H2 and LPG as byproducts, or 100% green naphtha. It is a commercially ...

  • European project for the capture and storage of CO2 on an industrial scale

    The '3D' (DMX Demonstration in Dunkirk) project ambition is to validate replicable technical solutions and to achieve industrial deployment of Capture & Storage technology around the world. It should play a major role in enabling industries with high energy consumption and CO2  emissions, ...

  • Gas analysis solutions that support cleaner energy

    Reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants is an increasing priority for power producers, hydrocarbon processing plants, and many other industries. Operators want to improve the efficiency of their processes, making them more ecologically responsible, and meet ...

  • Green hydrogen - Powering the transition to net zero

    The energy landscape is going through its biggest transition in a generation. Consumers are pushing for sustainable energy, and governments are making ambitious commitments to tackle climate change and reach ‘net zero’ emissions. Green hydrogen is a truly carbon neutral solution ...

  • HyCOgen and Fischer Tropsch explained

    The global demand for sustainable fuel is expected to ramp up rapidly in the next decade, driven by regulations in Europe that are already in place. By converting existing CO2 emissions to feedstock, our ready-to-license, innovative technology enables the production of sustainable fuels ...

  • IChemE and KBC - Serving Society

    KBC had the privilege to be selected to take part in a programme, Serving Society, to celebrate the UK Institute of Chemical Engineers’ (IChemE’s) 100th anniversary. IChemE has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News, to take a look at the role of the chemical engineer, how they ...

  • Innovating the Future

    The worlds energy demands are growing in concert with the need to reduce emissions and become more sustainable. Using our resources more wisely is paramount. Learn how Lummus Technology aims to be the leading process technology and solutions provider to industries that make modern life ...

  • Johnson Matthey Low Carbon Solutions

    Johnson Matthey low carbon solutions help our customers navigate and overcome the challenges they face in meeting emissions reduction targets. Carbon capture is key to decarbonising chemical industries, such as hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia. For refinery hydrogen plants, 95% of those ...

  • KBC (A Yokogawa Company) at the 2023 Decarbonisation Technology Summit

    Duncan Mitchell from KBC (A Yokogawa Company) speaking about being a partner at this years Decarbonisation Technology Summit.

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