European project for the capture and storage of CO2 on an industrial scale

The '3D' (DMX Demonstration in Dunkirk) project ambition is to validate replicable technical solutions and to achieve industrial deployment of Capture & Storage technology around the world. It should play a major role in enabling industries with high energy consumption and CO2  emissions, such as the steel industry, to reduce their emissions. The 3D project success relies on of a highly skilled and experienced consortium involving the complete chain of CCUS and key transversal skills to share transport and storage infrastructure to reduce costs. This project is an essential lever for meeting the targets of the Paris Agreement on global warming. 

Coordinated by IFPEN, the '3D' project brings together 10 other partners from research and industryfrom 6 European countries: ArcelorMittal, Axens, Total and its 1/3 party Greenflex, RWTH, DTU, ACP, CMI, Gassco, Brevik Engineering and Uetikon.

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