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The Decarbonisation Technology Summit Europe, scheduled for 16-17 April 2024, is set to host a community of industry experts and professionals at The Institution of Engineering Technology. This event, organised by Decarbonisation Technology Magazine, will provide two days of thought-leadership content, actionable insights, and practical solutions for advancing energy transition.

Lord Callanan, Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, is scheduled to do the opening address for the 2024 edition of the conference, setting the stage for a comprehensive discussion on the latest strategies and innovations in the field of decarbonisation. His involvement underscores the significance of governmental support and policy alignment in achieving global decarbonisation and net zero goals and the role that this event plays in promoting collaboration, investment, and innovation amongst all industry stakeholders.

The agenda, carefully crafted with the assistance of industry leaders from entities including OGCI, Johnson Matthey, Wood, Linde and Progressive Energy, covers a broad range of topics aimed at advancing decarbonisation efforts. Focus areas include policy and industry collaboration for decarbonisation, global decarbonisation policy benchmarking, mobilising capital for industrial decarbonisation, and the development of processes for utilising captured CO2. The forum will also explore accelerating the standardisation of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), sustainable steel production, the potential versus progress of hydrogen technology, and the application of AI in developing technologies for reaching global net-zero targets.

Patrick Kools, Director of Clean Energy EU at Yokogawa states: “Events like this are essential, to learn from governments, to learn from other parties, to share what we’re doing. It’s crucial to be here” with Matt Bird, CEO & Co-Founder of Supercritical Solutions adding: “It’s important that we have constructive conversations to find the ways that are going to make a difference for a sustainable planet”

The Decarbonisation Technology Summit garners the support of market leaders such as Sulzer, who is proudly recognised as Platinum Partner for the event this year. Their participation highlights their significant role and commitment to the promotion of effective decarbonisation solutions.

For more information on joining as an event partner, please contact Derek Wood, Sales Manager at derek.wood@emap.com

For more details on the event, please visit the summit's Website Here. ​


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